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5th September : Mermaids and Pirates - announcing the next Jesamiah Acorne adventure!

25th August : I finally managed to get the write-up for my recent wonderful cruise written - click here to read it (and see some lovely photos)

22nd August : The Three Houdinis - or AWOL up the lane... 

17th August : embarrassed but honoured: a guest post about me, surreptitiously written by a couple of lovely friends while I was on vacation. click here

16th August : well I'm back! I had a wonderful holiday cruise down the Rhine, and I will do a write-up as soon as I get a chance (so much backlog to catch up on). Meanwhile, here's a photo of moi and fellow companion Cathy Helms enjoying a German version of Irish Coffee at Rudesheim.

29th July 2017  I'm off gadding about with some friends - cruising along the Rhine from Basal to Amsterdam. Meanwhile, for your enjoyment and entertainment, (with no expense spared) there are lots of interesting posts scheduled on my blog and on Discovering Diamonds for the next fourteen days. Normal mayhem will be resumed when I get back!

11th July 2017 Guests Revisiting: a series of recycled posts from guests who dropped by my blog back in 2011/2012 Today: Cathy Helms of Avalon Graphics

8th July 2017 5* Review: #SeaWitch 'Jesamiah is a lovable rogue, in the tradition of that other well known pirate Jack Sparrow' 

4th JULY 2017 Tuesday Talk Celebrating   with a few memories of 2015

The Kings Arms
Williamsburg, Virginia
3rd July  Please vote for the covers of your choice and support Indie Writers

26th June 2017 : My Journal - a sort of ongoing memoir 

20th June 2017 : On the Blog - The Nice Thing About Research - a Trip to Nassau

19th June 2017 : Thank you to Taw River Show Jumping & Oakfield Showing for the wonderful horse show at Coxleigh Barton Equestrian Centre yesterday to raise funds for the Exmoor Pony Centre. Thank you to our fantastic judges, stewards, helpers,  the photographer, the catering van, all our sponsors and to the competitors  ... the day was a bit hot but I think we all had a good day!
Me and the Reserve Reserve Exmoor Pony Champion!

Thank you to our judges and stewards!
(photos courtesy Gilly Davidson & Barnstaple Equestrian Supplie
14th June 2017 : TWO covers nominated for a Finalist Award -  Indie Brag has nominated Sea Witch (no voting yet - I'll tell you when...)

and 1066 Turned Upside Down for the RONE cover finalistt

well done to designer Cathy Helms!

13th June 2017 Tuesday Talk: my guest Cryssa Bazos talks about a Highwayman (the pirates of the road) and her wonderful new novel

6th June 2017 My Blog Guest: 'Writing fiction - well, how hard can it be?' by Sheila Williams

1st June 2017 Jesamiah Acorne follow the adventure ... in Italian!


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